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Roads image croppedThe two repairs to the very poor road surfacing on Regents Drive and Rosebury Square have now been completed. These were inspected by Consort and the RPRA Committee last week where it was noted that on Regents Drive, following heavy rainfall that day, a small area of water was ponding rather than draining away. The specialist contractor has been called back to rectify this minor issue prior to payment being made to them. Soil sampling will be taking place this week beneath some areas of the existing roads to determine the soil strength and condition. The specialist geotechnical company undertaking the sampling will also monitor groundwater levels so that the design of further road repairs can be completed.

Some further drainage survey work may also be necessary to determine if defective areas of road surfacing are the result of collapsed or blocked drains.The Consulting Civil Engineers, Price & Myers, employed by Consort upon our recommendation have reported that the roads need selected repairs and ongoing maintenance, and not complete resurfacing.

It is likely that the value of further roads repairs being undertaken over the next year will be in the region of £200,000 and not £1 million as was reported by the previous committee. Consort have increased the Service Charge this year to allow for the essential roads repairs, and the committee have supported this. We need to ensure that Consort regularly maintain the roads and drainage thereunder to ensure that the existing road surfacing has a longer life.

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