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Following the on-going engagement with our Highways Engineering Consultants, Price & Myers, First Port in conjunction with the RPRA have now received four comparable quotes for the next phase of road and pavement repairs. These are being reviewed at present but we hope to approve the appointment of a specialist contractor within the next few weeks. The on-going repair and maintenance of the roads means that we are prioritising and undertaking this work over a 5 year term and not all in one go. There is no requirement for a costly wholesale renewal or resurfacing of the roads as was originally suggested nearly three years ago.

Some essential drainage repairs have been identified by a CCTV survey instructed by Price & Myers. These are necessary due to abuse of the drains and sewers on Repton Park by some residents, and due to historic lack of maintenance. Some of the damaged drainage has led to defects in the overlying road surface, so their repair must be undertaken in parallel with the road repairs.

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