Vodafone Reception Problems

We have been informed by a resident that they have had severe problems with their Vodafone mobile phones while at home, or inside Repton Park.

Vodafone have informed them several times that the “technical” problem has been dealt with, only to then review and say they’re still looking at the problem. Several of their staff have told them they would “own” the problem and keep them updated, only to never get back to them.

They would like to know if anyone else has been having the same problems. They do not believe they are the only ones to have suffered in losing calls/messages etc over this period, so there were hoping to hear from other residents and see what, if any, compensation Vodafone have offered them.

They have now had the complaint escalated to their senior people who will (apparently) come back within a week. However their internal procedures don’t allow them to get a copy of this complaint, or even a message to say it’s being looked into! Depending on the result of this they will be seeking assistance from the ombudsman.

So they would like to see which other residents have been “fobbed off” by Vodafone. They realise some people might have simply taken being ignored, however if there are lots of residents as they suspect, it will add to the strength of the complaint.

If you would like to supply further information, please contact Gavin at drdrew@hotmail.co.uk

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