Virgin Gym Planning Notice


Many residents will have now noticed that there is a Planning Notice attached to the front gates of the Landmark Tower stating that an Application has been made to Redbridge Borough Council to seek a change of use from Gym to Office for the Virgin building.

You can view the Planning Application details by clicking on this link

The RPRA only found out about this application yesterday evening, and last night and today we have been attempting to gather more information.

Matthew Snelling Development Manager informed us today that “This has not been brought to my attention, however I have just written to the freeholder of the building and asked for their feedback and any other information in relation to this.”

He is also contacting First Port’s legal division.

Several residents have informed us that allegedly Virgin Active have stated that the planning application has been made by their landlord without their consent, and without their knowledge.

Apparently, they are contesting this Application through their solicitors to have it withdrawn.

At this stage, we have no other information to pass to you, but as we gather more details I will write again.

We will also be writing to you very shortly to gain your views about this matter, and ask whether you object or favour the change of usage.

Thank you.


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