Update on Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) Broadband – October 2021

Update on Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) Broadband – October 2021

I have received an estimate from Openreach to bring FTTP to Repton Park.  Subject to survey, the cost of providing FTTP to the 63 premises on Repton Park that expressed an interest is circa £350 per household for the installation.  Once installation is completed, residents would be free to choose any service provider such as BT, Sky, Talk-Talk et al at whatever monthly service charges the providers offer.

A firm quotation has been requested from Openreach, at no cost, and they have suggested this will take another month or two.  I have also asked Openreach about any grants that may be available but we do not qualify for any under the current regulations.

I appreciate that circa £350 per property or a total of £22,367, is a large sum of money and may be too high a price for many residents.  I know that some residents would be prepared to contribute such an amount but the costing from Openreach is based upon a minimum number of 63 properties being included in the project.  Last year I obtained some quotes to bring fibre broadband to my house and the installation cost for a single property was in excess of £3,500 and there was also a significant monthly fee.  The Opernreach solution allows us to choose the service provider and the monthly fees are much more reasonable.

I’d be happy to receive any responses as follows:

  • Owners that have registered their interest with me and want to go ahead
  • Owners that have registered their interest with me that are not interested at this cost
  • Owners that have not previously registered their interest that would want to go ahead at this cost (Please provide your name and address).

If anyone has any fund-raising suggestions then please let me know.


Alan Kelly, Secretary, RPRA

25 October 2021

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