Ultrafast Broadband on Repton Park – A survey from the Repton Park Residents Association

Ultrafast Broadband on Repton Park – A survey from the Repton Park Residents Association

The covid pandemic has meant that many of us on Repton Park have worked from home during large parts of 2020. The increased demand on broadband services has identified problems for many.  Additionally, there are more streaming video services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + et al) that require a large bandwidth, particularly if you want to avoid low resolution and regular pauses for buffering. Parents with families have many demands with children being the biggest bandwidth users as they spend more and more time online.

During the last few years Openreach the main UK network provider has been rolling out plans for Ultrafast (up to 1GBs) broadband services by extending the fibre network from the fibre enabled cabinets to individual premises.  The service is known as Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) and it connects individual properties with an optical fibre rather than a pair of copper wires.  One of the main problems with copper broadband is that the further you are away from the cabinet then the slower the speed you will receive.  This is not the case with an optical connection, the Ultrafast speeds will be available to every property on the development.  There is a single fibre cabinet on Repton Park and it is located on Clarence Gate opposite Chapel Mews.  If you live a long way from Chapel Mews then the speed of your broadband will be reduced.  The maximum speed available with traditional Copper broadband is typically 80Mb/s.  If you are lucky enough to get 80MB/s then that might well satisfy your needs at least in the short-term.  The reality is that we live in a digital age and our dependence on fast connectivity to the internet, our streaming TV services, online gaming, our workplace in the hybrid working arrangements now emerging as the lockdown ends, will inevitably demand ever increasing speed.

Repton Park was late in getting Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) services and we are not on the schedule to have our services updated to Ultrafast broadband services any time soon.  The RPRA was instrumental in bringing FTTC services to Repton Park back in 2016 by lobbying, chasing and escalating our case through Openreach, our local counsellors and our MP.

The RPRA has looked into the possible options to get FTTP services on Repton Park sooner rather than later and the best two options are a Community Fibre Partnership with Openreach or a Project with Hyperoptic.  At this stage preliminary enquiries have been made and in the next few weeks we should be able to find out how viable a solution is for Repton Park residents and an indication of any fees that may be necessary as well as any funding that might be available.  Repton Park does not have any telegraph poles and all the current copper cables are in underground ducts.  It is usually straightforward to pull new fibre cables through those ducts so that the all properties that currently have copper supplied services can move to fibre. There is usually space in the ducts for both cables to lay so the upgrade from fibre to copper can be done on a property by property basis.

In order to go with either Openreach or Hyperoptic it will be essential to assess the likely interest of residents for Ultrafast broadband services on the development.  The main difference between the two is that Openreach just provide the infrastructure and residents would be free to choose any of the Broadband Service providers like BT, Sky, Talk-Talk et al.  Hyperoptic provide both the infrastructure and offer services. Speed/price options can be found here https://hyperoptic.com

The survey on the following page is needed to asses interest and completion is not a specific commitment to taking any particular service, however, it will indicate the likelihood of residents to take up the service.


Repton park Residents Association – Broadband Survey 2021

In order to assess the interest in Ultrafast Broadband services on Repton Park, the RPRA is conducting a survey of resident’s current experience with broadband and any requirements for Ultrafast broadband.  Please complete the attached and either return a scanned copy to alanrkelly@aol.com or drop off the paper copy at the Gatehouse marked RPRA Private Mailbox.

Name: Title: Email:
Are you the Owner of the property or a tenant?  Owner/Tenant
Do you currently have a Broadband service to your property?  Yes/No
Who is your Broadband Provider?
If known, please indicate your typical speeds: Download:_______MBs, Upload:_______MBs
Would you sign up for Ultrafast Broadband if it was available at a reasonable cost?  Yes/No
Are you registered with the RPRA? Yes/No.  If no please join up at www.reptonpark.org and click on RPRA, Register Membership and complete the online form. Your registration will help the RPRA represent your interests on the development.
Please add any other comments:





If Ultrafast broadband was available then there will be a range of service providers and download speeds to select from, even if the installation is completed by Openreach.  Most existing Broadband providers (excluding Virgin and Hyperoptic) use the existing Openreach Network to serve their customers.  Virgin broadband services are not available on Repton Park and depending on the interest Hyperoptic may be prepared to offer their range of services.

Once interest in Ultrafast Broadband has been assessed by means of the return of this survey, I will work with Openreach and Hyperoptic and others to identify the costs, timescales and possible funding sources.  There will be no commitment at this initial stage and no decision will be made until the picture is clearer and I will then provide further updates.

Many thanks for taking the time to complete and return this survey.

Alan Kelly

Secretary Repton Park Resident’s Association

24 March 2021

Ultrafast Broadband on Repton Park March 2021[1]

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