Thames Water – Customer Guarantee Scheme (CGS) Refund available to Repton Park residents

I received the following information below from our neighbour Steve Simpson, who has asked me to inform other residents that you are due a rebate from Thames Water if you apply!

Please read below – and thank you Steve!

Hello Paul,

I thought I would pass on this reply to you for the benefit of all residents of Repton Park.

 It took a little while but thanks to Brian Lindsay (the Secretary) in the minutes my claim has been successful.

I have passed this information on to several other people in Repton and some others have also claimed refund monies.

I  still do not fully understand it but anyway we have all been over-charged.

I asked about the 6 year only time limit and the attached letter explains it all!!! I THINK.

Also they were so long dealing with the initial response and follow requests for an answer that today they have also sent me compensation- A RESULT!!

I hope this will help all residents in Repton and give them something to do to pass a few minutes.

Just go to the Thames Water website and fill in the form.

Even I found it easy.

Best Wishes

Steve Simpson

From: <>
Thames Water
Customer Resolution
PO Box 436
SN38 1TU

Telephone:  08457 200897
Fax:  01793 424291

Surface water drainage.

Customer Guarantee Scheme (CGS)

We try to provide a high quality of service to all our customers. To support this, we have a Customer Guarantee Scheme (CGS) which allows for fixed payments to be made for specified failures of service.

Our CGS scheme is an outline of when we’ll make payments to our customers where we’ve failed to meet certain standards of service. The minimum standards we must adhere to are set by our Regulator, Ofwat, under the Guaranteed Standards Scheme (GSS), and our CGS scheme goes above this level, as we believe the service we give to our customers should be above the minimum level required.

As we’ve failed to respond to your complaints within our promised ten working days timescale, I’ve passed this over to our CGS team to look into. They’ll confirm the outcome in writing to you, once the credit has been applied to your account. This usually takes up to ten working days, however with the current situation we are short staffed and it may take a little longer.

Surface Water Drainage (SWD)

We first started offering a reduction for homes that have no surface water connection from 1 April 2000.  Before then SWD was built into the overall wastewater charge and everyone who paid a wastewater bill contributed to the cost regardless of the arrangements at their own homes.  This doesn’t mean any customer was overcharged – all customers benefit from surface water drainage as it reduces the risk of rainwater damage caused by flooding.

Before privatisation in 1989 the water industry didn’t keep records of surface water drainage connections. So although there are plans of the locations of all surface water and combined sewer systems, they don’t include the connection status of every individual property.

Because of this the water industry regulator Ofwat agreed that it should be up to the customer to claim a rebate. They also agreed that any rebate granted should start from the beginning of the billing period or financial year in which the claim was received, whichever was the earlier. Therefore, since introducing the SWD rebate in April 2000 we’ve included information about it in our bills and in our charges leaflets, and also on our website. Information on whether you are billed for SWD is printed on the sides of our bills.

How rebates are applied

Since 2000 we’ve made some changes to the way we apply SWD rebates.

  • For properties built before 2001 we still apply rebates from the beginning of the billing period or financial year in which the customer applies.
  • For properties built after 2001, we apply the rebate from the date the account was set up, up to a maximum of six years. This is in line with Ofwat’s 2007 best practice guidelines about whether a water company could reasonably be expected to have known a property was not connected for SWD.

In 2017, we became more proactive when we receive a new application for a rebate where there is no connection to a combined or surface water sewer.  Before applying the rebate, we’ll look at all the other properties with the same postcode to see if any of them were given a rebate in earlier years.  If any property has one, we will:

  • Backdate the new applicant’s rebate to the same date (or the start of their account if later) up to a maximum of six years if the property was built after 2001.
  • Write to the other homes that don’t have a rebate and invite the customers living there to apply.
  • It is still the customer’s responsibility to apply for the SWD rebate

The six year rule is set out in the Water Industry Act 1991, along with the Limitations Act 1980. This has also been upheld by Ofwat who have expressed that if a water company could ‘reasonably’ have known that a property’s surface water did not enter the sewerage system, then they will backdate for 6 years in line with UK law on statute limits. Because of this we wont be giving you a further rebate.


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