OWL – Online Watch Link


The Development Manager recently met with Mark Glazer, the Chairman of Redbridge & London Neighbourhood watch. This meeting included being introduced to an online watch system called OWL.

Owl is a means of passing information to you easier and more quickly than ever before.

Owl is a community engagement system that has been developed across various parts of Wales and England over many years. It helps communities prevent and detect crime, support one another and be more aware of what is happening in their area.

In short, it compliments what many have always done as watch members/good neighbours, but introduces modern technology and communications to make life easier and simpler for all involved. Messages, including crime alerts and timely crime prevention advice are sent out in an instant, sometimes within half an hour of a crime occurring. The system allows messages to be received by email, mobile phone and telephone contact is also available. For more information please visit http://www.owl.co.uk/

This is a great communications tool, and all residents are encouraged to take register an interest. The Development Manager will be speaking to the RPRA about this in more detail as there are ways of setting up specific community services via OWL.

The Development Manager is also arranging for an OWL Leaflet to be drop


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