Notes of RPRA Annual General Meeting 16th November 2021

Notes of RPRA AGM 16 November 2021 by MS Teams commencing 20:00


Chairman – Robert Whitton

Secretary – Alan Kelly

Treasurer (Interim) – David Ashley

Committee Members: Dave Madden, Nichola Candler, Olga Gavrilenco

Total RPRA Committee, Members & Proxies: 25 Members

FirstPort Development Manager – Paul Foggin

Given that there were at least 20 committee, general members and proxies the meeting was quorate and could proceed under the rules of the RPRA Constitution.

Summary Notes of Discussions

  1. To approve the minutes of the last AGM (14th October 2020). There were no objections and the minutes were approved by unanimous agreement
  2. The Chairman provided his Report verbally and promised to add a written version to the new RPRA Website which is approaching finalisation. He explained that it had been a difficult year impacted by both the pandemic and an under resourced committee.  He thanked the committee for their dedication and efforts during the year and indicated that the committee were functional even under resourced.  He explained that the RPRA have been working closely with FirstPort, the Managing agent and since the appointment of the new Development Manager, relationships have improved. Significant achievements during the year were extensive savings on the major works undertaken, improvements in the general appearance of the grounds and an agreement to secure the development by additional fences on Regents Drive.
  3. The Interim Treasurer indicated that he had not been able to produce formal accounts for the year, however, the current balances were:
    • Current A/C £2535.84
    • Savings A/C £10,014.87

There followed a discussion on how the accounts could be completed if no volunteer from the community was forthcoming.  There were two options: The Chairman agreed to use his company accountant to produce the statements or the Committee could appoint and pay for a professional accountancy service.  The Committee to consider at next Committee Meeting

  1. RPRA committee nominations
    • No new nominations received
    • All existing committee appointed
    • There followed a discussion on how additional people could be encouraged to join the RPRA Committee. Members that had joined the AGM were asked to consider joining the committee or helping in an area where they had some expertise and/or interest.  It was agreed that if a representative from each of the apartment blocks could be found this would be particularly beneficial.  More use needs to be made of the RPRA Notice Board near the post box on Clarence Gate.
  2. Proposals submitted to the RPRA Secretary, in writing, and received no less than seven days in advance of the meeting:
    • Ultrafast Broadband on Repton Park – Alan Kelly provided an update on the status of the current project. He explained that the Openreach Community Fibre Project was very inflexible and once initiated no new addresses could be added.  The current cost of £22,367 would need to be shared amongst those in the 63 properties that expressed an interest initially.  Several were no longer interested at £355 per household and this price would increase for those that wanted the service.  He suggested starting over and getting all 411 properties on the development included within a new project and pay for the cost through a service charge supplement over two years.  There would be no commitment to proceed until the costs were established and we could seek agreement by a vote from the community as a whole whether to proceed or not.  There was a general agreement from those present that expressed a point of view and Alan agreed to proceed on this basis.
    • Little Free Library – Hannah Kosuge introduced the concept of establishing a Little Free Library that could be introduced to share books among the community. Suitable “Book Holder(s)” could be either be built or purchased to store books securely and keep them dry, residents would be asked to store unwanted books in turn for the opportunity to borrow other books.  It would need a couple of volunteers to ensure that only material suitable for sharing was included and to keep the books clean and tidy.  She offered to help.  The idea was welcomed and will be taken forward.
    • Obtain a Community Defibrillator – Hannah Kosuge introduced the subject by explaining a case where a community defibrillator had saved a life. She is a trauma nurse and could help train any volunteers that might offer support.  There were concerns regarding the both the location of the device and how it could be requested in an emergency.  There was some support for the idea and the Gatehouse was considered the best location.  Hannah to follow up.
    • Provide Dog Poo bags around the development – Hannah Kosuge explained the idea to have three dog poo dispensers, one on/near the Cricket Green and the others on both sides of the development. Bags to be provided by owners.  Paul Foggin agreed to action the installation of 3 Dog Poo Bag dispensers.
    • Establish a Dog Safe Area for dogs off leash – Hannah Kosuge explained the rationale that would allow dogs to be off lead and allow for dogs and dog owners to socialise in a fenced off area. This turned out to be a very controversial subject.  The gist of the argument against was that no property owners would want to have such an area near their property and there were suggestions that it would not be in the best interest of dogs who could spread disease and get into fights. Those in favour saw only the benefits and believed if they could find an area where there would be no objections, then the proposal should be agreed in principle.  There was no agreement to proceed, however, those in favour will consider their options.
    • There were several items proposed by a resident, however he was not at the meeting to introduce his proposals. They included: Progress on Roads, Litter on the development, Risks of flooding and condition/capacity of existing drains, Lack of community events, and the emphasis on Major Works being only related to apartment blocks.
    • There were some further queries raised not previously advised: Work on roads will be pushed back now until Spring 2022.  There was further discussion on the fencing on Regents Drive.  Agreement has been reached with representatives of The Manor Resident’s Association to erect a metal fence on both sides if Regents Drive leading down to the entrance to The Manor.  This will prevent unauthorised access onto the development from Claybury Woods.  The plans are currently with Redbridge Council for the required planning permission.  The cost of the fence will be shared between The Manor and Repton Park and be paid out of service charges.  There was a question on the internal painting of the apartment blocks.  Paul Foggin advised that Tavistock House was completed, Kensington, Wentworth and Sutherland House were underway and other blocks will follow.  There were also queries about how the costs were being paid for with apparent different approaches for the different blocks.  Paul Foggin agreed to look into this matter and advise residents.
  1. Closing remarks – Robert Whitton thanked all for their attendance and participation. The meeting closed at 21:30 hours.

Alan Kelly – Secretary, RPRA

17th November 2021

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