Thames Water – Surface Water Charge Rebate

Following being informed of a successful rebate claim by an owner of a leasehold apartment on Repton Park from Thames Water regarding the Surface Water Charge element on their invoice, the Secretary of the RPRA made a claim in respect his Freehold Property. This, also, has been successful.

It is probable that all (or most) properties on Repton Park may be entitled to a rebate.

Unfortunately it would appear that the rebate only applies for the current billing/fiscal year (beginning 1st April 2019 in this instance) although the leasehold owner referred to above did manage to get a rebate going back to November 2017 when he first started to live in Repton Park – so you may be more lucky !

Although the rebate is not significant, it will apply to all future invoices issue by Thames Water and thus will add up over time.

See link below for how to apply.

Applying for a Surface Water Rebate

The leaseholder noted in his claim  that being in a Block there was not a specific Manhole cover attached to his property as the Surface Water Downpipes are shared amongst several properties.  The Freeholder did inform Thames Water that he has separate surface water manholes but believed they ran into a pumping station on Repton Park and not directly into the water mains and thus was not sure if the rebate applied. As noted above, his claim was accepted.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a rebate claim will be successful or how much it will be and we cannot assist further in this matter.

The below is an extract from page two of a recent Thames Water invoice.

Surface Water Charge Rebate






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Skills and Help Request

Hi, wonder if you can help.

The RPRA Committee are always looking for people to either become members of the Committee or to assist them with specific areas of interest to the Committee and sub-committees such as Gardening/Landscaping, Major Works, Security, Roads, Events etc.

In particular skills in Law, Finance, Horticulture , Quantity Surveying, Building, Security, Event Organisation.

If you have any skills that you think could help the Committee in these or any other areas, or you would  be willing to help the committee when needed i.e. when events put on in the Development, we would be grateful if you could contact us at or any member of the Committee you know.

Many thanks

The RPRA Committee





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Meeting Minutes Published

The Minutes of the following meetings are now available on the website:

RPRA Committee meeting of 19 September 2019

RPRA Committee meeting of 10th October 2019

RPRA Committee meeting of 04 November 2019

RPRA Committee meeting of 12 December 2019  

See meeting minutes.

The next meeting will be a Committee Meeting which will take place on Wednesday 5th February 2020 at the Convent.



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