Minutes of the Repton Park Residents Association held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 via Teams Video Conference at 7.30 pm

Minutes of the Repton Park Residents Association held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 via Teams Video Conference at 7.30 pm

Present – Robert Whitton – Chair, Paul Jacobs – Secretary, Dave Madden, Fraser Cohen, David Ashley, Olga Gavrilenco, Elaine Tabi, Alan Kelly

Apologies for Non-Attendance – Karen Phillips, Frank Rabin – Treasurer

Paul Foggin- FirstPort PF Provided an update on the progress of various topics, namely: –

Street Lighting – Circa 70 ‘Warm White” LED lights are to be deployed around the development at an approximate annual saving of £3.5k in electricity.  Frosted lenses are being fitted to the circa 130 bollard lights on the development and these should reduce the glare currently being experienced.

Roads – Phase 3 of the roadworks will focus on poor surfaces around the development (Rosebury Square, Tavistock House et al and add a zebra crossing at the Pavilion Nursery.  AK pointed out that the surface on Regents Drive (~30m from Clarence Gate) also needs attention.

Dogs – Dogs not on leads continues to be a concern.  FP have sent out various communications on the matter.  Various options were considered.  Need people to sign up to YPO for ease of contact, OG agreed to action.  A message to be added to the Notice Board.  It was agreed that no special lead-free area would be established as it would probably result in further problems.

Speeding – Additional 20mph signs and “sleeping policemen” have been added on Clarence Gate and Regents Drive.  The speed monitor needs attention.

Major Works – Tenders have been sent to RPRA Chair & Secretary and comments made by Luke are being dealt with.

Gardens & Grounds – Grass cutting has commenced.  Hazel fence on Regents Drive to hide logs & chippings is under construction.  DM asked that when doors are fitted they are generally kept closed.  Work on car parks to be started this week along with shrub planting.  Tree works at Aundle House has been approved.  A willow tree on Clarence gate has fallen and needs to be taken down.  Exposed dustbins on Clarence Gate were discussed but neither FP or the RPRA have any jurisdiction to get them removed. Access to Repton Park from The Avenue was discussed.  Apparently some 18-20 keys are issued to residents of The Avenue.  PF was asked to find out if The Avenue owners contribute to general maintenance of the development through their service charges.

Chair ReportThe sad news regarding the death of Brian Lindsey was discussed and all asked PJ to offer our sincere condolences and sympathy to Brian’s wife.  After PJ has discussed with Brian’s wife, it was agreed that a tree and plaque would be planted in memory of Brian who has been a long standing, hardworking member of the RPRA.

Minutes of previous meetings – The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate reflection, proposed by DM and seconded by PJ.

Treasurers Report – FR not at meeting but finances will be same as at last meeting – FR has resigned as Treasurer and committee member were tasked with finding a replacement.  ET had a suggestion and will approach the individual.

Secretary’s Report – PJ has also decided to stand down as Secretary but will stay on the committee.  AK was proposed and agreed to take on the role of RPRA Secretary with immediate effect.  It was agreed that we probably need a further 2-3 committee members and all were asked to explore options.  The Chair and all committee members thanked PJ for his excellent contribution to the RPRA.

FirstPort – There was a full and frank discussion within the committee regarding the performance of FirstPort as the managing agent.

Matter Arising – There were no other matters arising not covered by the agenda.

AOB – AK raised the subject of Ultrafast Broadband service by means of Fibre to the Premises FTTP.  All the committee could see many benefits of a faster and more reliable broadband services on the development.  AK to draft a proposal and circulate to the committee.

Date of Next meeting

20th April 2021 at 7.30pm

Prepared by Alan Kelly, Secretary RPRA


Signed as true and accurate minutes

Robert Whitton Chairman

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