Minutes of Repton Park Residents Association Committee Meeting 14 July 2021 via MS Teams Video Conference commencing 7:45 pm

Minutes of Repton Park Residents Association Committee Meeting 14 July 2021 via MS Teams Video Conference commencing 7:45 pm

PresentRobert Whitton – Chair, Alan Kelly – Secretary, Paul Jacobs, Fraser Cohen, David Ashley, Elaine Tabi, Nicky Candler, Dave Madden, Olga Gavrilenco,

Paul Foggin, FirstPort Development Manager was in attendance for the first part of the meeting.

Non-Attendance – Karen Phillips did not attend and is assumed to have left the committee.  Paul Foggin from FirstPort was unavailable and sent apologies

The following Agenda was used: –

  • Appointment of Treasurer
  • Formation of sub-groups and Representatives
  • Gate between Repton Park & The Avenue
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting

Appointment of Treasurer

There were no volunteers and neither the Chair or Secretary could hold another position.  David Ashley was persuaded to consider the role and speak with the former treasurer Frank Rabin.

Formation of Sub-Groups

The following sub groups and membership were agreed: –

  • Marketing, Website & Communications – Fraser Cohen to lead with support from Nicky and Paul.  The intention was to ensure better communications between the RPRA and residents which is essential if the RPRA is to be successful with various initiatives planned.  There was some frustration regarding the communications circulated by some residents for an “Off-Lead” dog area, supported by Paul Foggin, that the RPRA had already considered and dismissed as impractical.
  • Security – David Ashley to Lead with support from Alan, Elaine and Paul. The open access from Claybury Woods onto Regents Drive was an initial priority.  A meeting with representatives from the Manor has already been held and a proposal to have two metal fences to secure Repton Park are being considered.  Apparently, the Police were called to deal with a disturbance at The Landmark Tower on the Boulevard within the last week. There appeared to be a party organised by “Airbnb” people staying at the Tower and some 12-14 cars were turned away.  Robert agreed to take the situation up with FirstPort.
  • Grounds – Dave Madden to lead with support from Elaine. It was recognised that Dave had facilitated many improvements in the grounds during the last year and was encouraged to keep up the good work.  The areas above the Car Parks adjacent to the gym were good examples of improvements.  Elaine expressed particular concerns over the area outside her apartment and Dave Madden suggested she take photographs as these seem to be one of the drivers that FirstPort respond to.

Gate between Repton Park & The Avenue

The vote on the “Kissing Gate” has not been well managed with many residents not receiving the survey form.  FirstPort have recently hand delivered the form to all properties on the development.  The closing date for the return of the survey has been extended until 25th July 2021.

Apparently, it appears that the gate has been deliberately left open and the lock need replacing and a proper closing mechanism needs to be installed so that it closes fully automatically.

There has been no indication how the vote is going with the majority of the RPRA encouraging Option 2 or 3.  Alan reported there were several comments in support of Option 1 (leave as is) being expressed on the RPRA Facebook Group.


Road works on the development are estimated to cost £500,000 but this is below the threshold to trigger a Section 20 notification.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be planned for early September 2021.  Paul agreed to see if we could use the Convent as per the pre-pandemic preferred location for RPRA meetings.


The meeting closed at 9:18pm.

Alan Kelly – Secretary, RPRA

24th July 2021

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