Kissing Gate Vote – RPRA Support Option 2 or 3

Dear Resident,

You will have received a letter by post or on the Portal from First Port inviting you to vote on usage of the Kissing Gates to the Avenue.

You are given three choices:-

  1. To allow the current position to continue whereby residents of the Avenue are allowed unrestricted free access and use of Repton Park grounds.
  2. Allow access to residents of the Avenue providing they contribute proportionately to the service charges of the grounds as do Repton Park residents.
  3. To stop access completely in the interest of security and that there is no right of access for residents of the Avenue.

The RPRA supports either 2 or 3 as the best options in the interest of fairness and keeping Repton Park secure and a private estate.

RPRA Committee

Robert Whitton


Repton Park Residents Association

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