Important Announcement from First Port regarding Major Works to Leasehold Buildings

Following several emails from the RPRA to First Port and a recent conference call with First Port’s Development Manager, Regional Manager and Surveying Manager, stressing our views on behalf of leaseholders that Major Works should be delayed until 2021 in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, I received a call from the Regional Manager this week.

The email below from First Port’s Regional Manager summarises the update conveyed to me, and makes the statement that Internal Works will be delayed until 2021, and with regard to External Major Works, “it is highly likely that these works will start in March/April 2021.”

During our conversation it was made clear to me by the Regional Manager that First Port have, given all of the prevailing circumstances, accepted that External Works will almost certainly have to take place in Spring 2021, as it is conceded that it will be virtually impossible to complete the tender works and then commence and complete external works during the warmer and drier months this year.

I am conveying to you the email in full below which is self-explanatory.

Clearly, these Major Works are essential, and leaseholders should still make financial provision for these costs, but it is now extremely likely that the costs will not be incurred until next year, which I am sure will be of great relief and news to you all.

First Port email from Regional Manager regarding Major Works 9th April 2020

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