High Speed Broadband Update


News Flash: 12 July 2016. BT Openreach has confirmed that the cabinet has been successfully tested and the “fibre is all good” at the cabinet. Next step will be to commission the cabinet. The finishing line is within sight!

Residents who are interested in fibre should register their interest with their provider.


News Flash: 19 May 2016.  Further to the completion of the “Wayleave” document, we are informed that work will begin on the installation of the new cabinet on Friday 20 May 2016. We understand that the cabinet will be in place and the ducts laid by Saturday. Once the cabinet is in place, another team will be in touch to complete the copper and fibre, and then finally the power supply which we are informed may be the longest delay. However, it is getting closer! I will update this post when there is any further news. GB.


News Flash: 5 May 2016. We finally have the signed “Wayleave” document back from Crest Nicholson (the land owners). This is the permission document mentioned below which grants Openreach authority to install the new cabinet.  This has been forwarded to BT OpenReach and the ball is now back in their court.

As you may be aware, the lack of high speed broadband on Repton Park has been an on-going concern. Although the Hainault exchange has been fibre optic enabled for some time, the cabinet that serves Repton Park remains the only cabinet in the area that has not yet been upgraded.

Following intervention from our local MP Wes Streeting, we received a promise from Openreach that we would be fibre enabled by this summer. Some of you may be sceptical about this, as we have had a number of promises from Openreach in the past.

However, I am pleased to report that Openreach engineers were onsite today (18 February 2016) to conduct a survey regarding the installation of the high speed cabinet adjacent to the existing cabinet opposite Chapel Mews. Verdict was that all appears straightforward and we should be fibre enabled within 3-4 months or maybe even sooner!

(The installation does still require permission from the free-holder of the land (Crest Nicholson) but that should be a formality).

This is fantastic news for those of you waiting for high speed broadband.

Note that the service will be available through whatever provider you use, not just BT (e.g. Sky, Virgin etc.)

I will update you when there is any further news.

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