Minutes of Repton Park Residents Association Committee Meeting 14 September 2021 via MS Teams Video Conference commencing 7:45 pm

 PresentRobert Whitton – Chair, Alan Kelly – Secretary, Fraser Cohen, David Ashley, Nicky Candler, Dave Madden

Paul Foggin, FirstPort Development Manager was in attendance for the first part of the meeting.

The following Agenda was used: –

  • Update from FirstPort – Paul Foggin
  • Update from Treasurer
  • Updates from sub-groups
  • AOB
  • Next Meeting

FirstPort Updates

Paul Foggin provided updates as follows:

  • Several trees are ‘unwell’ and potentially may fall. These include the two remaining Willow Trees on Clarence Gate and a large tree next to the nursery. Applications have been made to Redbridge Council to pull down those considered unsafe.
  • Hedges at the top of the underground car parks have had the ‘safe wire’ moved to the correct place.
  • Roadworks – Top of Clarence Gate is the priority, however, a retender is necessary after contractor pulled out as they were not prepared to be compliant with FirstPort’s T&Cs. PF to advise reasons
  • There were discussions on the proposed fencing on Regents Drive to secure the development from free access from Claybury Woods. Meeting with The Manor Residents Association is scheduled for 23 Sept 2021.
  • External works on the blocks is ongoing: Tavistock House nearly finished, Wentworth & Sutherland Houses just starting. Weather is causing delays and the work may overrun, however, price is fixed and only repair work will need extra funding
  • Some blocks require new door entry systems and some fire doors may need to be upgraded.
  • There was a report of a disturbance at Aundle House and security have been asked to monitor.

Paul Foggin left the meeting

The notes of the previous meeting on 14th July were agreed

Treasurer Update – David Ashley

David Ashley has collected information from the previous Treasurer and reiterated that he did not feel qualified to fulfil the role.  Alan agreed to ask for a volunteer via the Facebook group recently established.

Marketing & Website Update – Fraser Cohen

Fraser reported that only Alan & Robert had responded to the proposed new website design and others encouraged to review and comment.  A meeting with the designer is being arranged.  Fraser stated the aim was to represent what residents wanted and try to make it interactive and this was a challenge.  The existing website is not easy to manage.  All Committee to review and send requirements and ideas to Fraser.

A board with a QR code is proposed that residents can scan at the barrier to take them to a registration page for the RPRA.

A Firework display would still be desirable but it’s too late to organise now.

Could we do something else like a Christmas Festival? Dave Madden to ask if Karen Philips could take on.

Security Update – David Ashley

Already addressed during Paul Foggin’s update.


  • The RPRA Committee remain short of resources.
  • The AGM need to be organised for October/November 2021. It was agreed to hold an MS Teams meeting rather than a face-to-face meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be the AGM.

Alan Kelly – Secretary, RPRA

14thSeptember 2021

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